Curse of Greed

Deep in the heart of the county, there stood a lone mansion, its owner a man of great pride and calm. Due to its isolated position at the heart of the ‘whispering woods’ its lone resident had no visitors; neither did he want or hope to have them. However one bizarre night, the man returned from his late night strolls to find his door open and mansion desecrated… Horrified he strode inside with great haste. Continue reading “Curse of Greed”


Gaea’s Children

She stands on the barren soil, no words but cheeks filmed with tears. Looking around, she cannot understand; how did this happen?

The land is blackened and barren, no life to be seen; the air is stale and contains naught but the smell of brimstone; the skies hold not a single cloud yet no pristine blue is to be seen but a dark orange complex. She cannot understand; how did this happen? Continue reading “Gaea’s Children”


Though I scorn all that the man on his knees before me represents – cowardice, weakness, dishonor, deceit and betrayal – I find that I avert my hateful glare for but a moment, remembering what I had once become; that I had once been the same. However, the past was the past and I must attend to the future. The sword in my hand glistened and gleamed in a righteous fury that matched my own as I ceremoniously raised it above my head, no quiver or hesitation as my intent was unwavering steel, the spiritual form of my blade. Continue reading “Cleansation”