Curse of Greed

Deep in the heart of the county, there stood a lone mansion, its owner a man of great pride and calm. Due to its isolated position at the heart of the ‘whispering woods’ its lone resident had no visitors; neither did he want or hope to have them. However one bizarre night, the man returned from his late night strolls to find his door open and mansion desecrated… Horrified he strode inside with great haste. Continue reading “Curse of Greed”


To What Extent…

I ran in pursuit of my victim: an unbelievably strong caster, with an aura so powerful it was said to blind his foes. Before this encounter, the only information I had were rumours – that he headed the Legion itself, a man whose powers were said to be god-like. After two hours of mind-numbing carnage, I could verify that the rumors had not missed their mark; that didn’t mean, however, that he was unbeatable. Continue reading “To What Extent…”

You Were Supposed to be Asleep

WARNING: Towards the end, it’s kind of… graphic. Viewer discretion advised!

After a solid two hours of trying every technique to fall asleep that I could find on the internet, I at last set the laptop down and dragged myself up the stairs, lazily rubbing an eye as I entered my own room – the last door on the right-hand side. The second the handle turned and I took one step inside, I froze; something was very… off, and it chilled me to the bone. Continue reading “You Were Supposed to be Asleep”

My Curse

The habits of old are not so easily disposed of. Even now, though I try with all my will to restrain myself, the dark hand lashes out, snuffing another soul as easily as one might blow out a candle or take breath. The man, aged about 73 years, let his cane from his grasp, allowing the worthless wooden stick to fall with a great clatter. Continue reading “My Curse”