My Curse

The habits of old are not so easily disposed of. Even now, though I try with all my will to restrain myself, the dark hand lashes out, snuffing another soul as easily as one might blow out a candle or take breath. The man, aged about 73 years, let his cane from his grasp, allowing the worthless wooden stick to fall with a great clatter. Continue reading “My Curse”


Dragon Debt

Glorious, regal and powerful, I take to the warm and summery air. It looked as though the people of River Town were in dire need for from my hearth high and clouded in the mountains, my keen eyes looked down and perceived not the usual lush green hills and valleys but a sea of shining grey. Tilting forward, I descended in a glide beneath the clouds to see a great host of men, armoured in plated steel and determined – no doubt confident in their vast numbers and the pitiful defences the small town had. Continue reading “Dragon Debt”