To What Extent…

I ran in pursuit of my victim: an unbelievably strong caster, with an aura so powerful it was said to blind his foes. Before this encounter, the only information I had were rumours – that he headed the Legion itself, a man whose powers were said to be god-like. After two hours of mind-numbing carnage, I could verify that the rumors had not missed their mark; that didn’t mean, however, that he was unbeatable. Continue reading “To What Extent…”


My Curse

The habits of old are not so easily disposed of. Even now, though I try with all my will to restrain myself, the dark hand lashes out, snuffing another soul as easily as one might blow out a candle or take breath. The man, aged about 73 years, let his cane from his grasp, allowing the worthless wooden stick to fall with a great clatter. Continue reading “My Curse”