Though I scorn all that the man on his knees before me represents – cowardice, weakness, dishonor, deceit and betrayal – I find that I avert my hateful glare for but a moment, remembering what I had once become; that I had once been the same. However, the past was the past and I must attend to the future. The sword in my hand glistened and gleamed in a righteous fury that matched my own as I ceremoniously raised it above my head, no quiver or hesitation as my intent was unwavering steel, the spiritual form of my blade.

Out here on the open fields of tall grass, the wind seemed to blow an eerie and nostalgic tune in my ears as I see the wretch’s gaze staring in weary acceptance at the sword in my hand, his life sadly flashing before his eyes. The sky above, which had lamented and cried upon the scene beneath allowed but a single ray of sunlight to pierce the thick collection of dark clouds. As I held my blade at the peak of its rise, the light hit me, and I know the man you saw before you was the Avenger; the Judicator, standing in a brilliant outline of gold – a god among mankind.

“If I were to spare every fool and every man of evil that I saw,” I speak, apathetically, “the world would have surely fallen by now. I decree you unfit, and take from you the penalty.”

A single sliding crunch, and a spurt of red. As the body slumped forward with a dull thud, lightning stabbed the sky once, thundering to punctuate the end of my judgement.

“And so it passes.” I mumble as I sheath the weapon, walking into the boundless distance where I continue on the path of my destiny. One by one, I would eradicate all unfit. One by one, the rest shall be taught and guided; soon, the Golden Age will dawn again! As the thought crosses my mind, the sky clears and the sun is once more at my back, signalling the cleansing of the world wherever I have tread.


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