To What Extent…

I ran in pursuit of my victim: an unbelievably strong caster, with an aura so powerful it was said to blind his foes. Before this encounter, the only information I had were rumours – that he headed the Legion itself, a man whose powers were said to be god-like. After two hours of mind-numbing carnage, I could verify that the rumors had not missed their mark; that didn’t mean, however, that he was unbeatable.

Stumbling, the man in the tattered robes barely managed to regain his footing when I caught up with him and threw a kick to his knee, packing in as much negative force and malicious intent as I could. The result was instantaneous, the moment my foot made contact with his knee, he lay on his back with his lower leg twisted completely around, kneecap shattered. Defiant, much in contrast with his attempt to flee, he spoke, “You may destroy me here but to what avail? You’re just as bereft of energy as I am so what would there be in ensuring my death, other than ensuring that of your own? Speak! To what extent would you go to have my head?”

At this I chuckled darkly, a final trick to be brought into play. “To what extent, you ask?”

At that moment, I allowed the power of the Supreme Master to enter my body and flow through my veins. My senses immediately heightened and my energy reserves which I used to cast my spells over-flooded with the darkest, most negative energy in the universe – a primal chaos so wild, only those with mental mastery could harness it’s power. With keener eyes I looked up at the man and, with the authority of fate behind me, I cast out my hand.

Fear dawned on his face, color flushing away. “To what extent…” I mused, and cast upon him my will.


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