A mellifluous flow, felt by all yet rendered unseen; for it is perceived not by senses physical but something deeper – emotion. As though all pieces have fit into place, or each stroke of the brush in accordance with the last, to create an overall existence so beautifully in sync; such is harmony, and thus peace.

For to be at peace, they say, is to be in accordance or flow with existence around you, and what greater way is there to express that than by a simple word: harmony. The very word is smooth – such is it’s nature – and so the world should be, unlike it’s current state.

In some places, the day has begin anew. In mine, it has come to an end and leaving you to think upon this word, I take my leave for but a few hours.


Anyways, if you would then after reading this post, please comment and write a little bit about what you think of it (the word, not my writing (although you’re welcome to criticize that)) or write about any other word you enjoy 😀 Basically, share your own insights with me, I’d love to hear back from and talk with my readers.

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